R course for UiL OTS, June 2012

The tentative schedule for the course is as indicated below. The schedule is flexible and may be adjusted!

session 1: introduction

Datasets and classes. Basic operations. Scan, read and write. Help. Subsetting and splitting.

session 2: exploratory data analysis; simple tests

Frequency distribution. Checking for normality.
Create your own functions. Bootstrap estimates.
t test and effect size. ANOVA and RM-ANOVA. Tables and χ2 test.
Scattergrams. Using colors and legends. Pairs of scattergrams. Trellis plots.

session 3: regression

Linear and logistic regression. Correlation and covariance. Collinearity and factor analysis. Classification trees (CART). Reliability.
Crossvalidation and bootstrapping.

session 4: mixed-effects modeling

Logistic regression: remainder of session 3.
The materials about mixed-effects modeling were also used for my presentation at the Bielefeld Mixed Model Workshop, 22-24 Feb 2012, Bielefeld. This is probably more material than we can cover in one session.

session 5: Bring Your Own Data

If you wish to analyze your own data in class, please (a) provide a brief description of your study, your research questions and your data, (b) make sure to identify and describe all variables and their values in a "code book", and (c) send me your data, description and code book ASAP as excel (.XLS), .CSV or .TXT file.

Recommended reading: